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PIM - Provincie Noord-Holland

Together with KplusV and ACE, Haarlemvalley has an assignement for three years of the Provence North-Holland to make SME's located or have an effect on this area, investor ready

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Kickoff PIM 2017

With over 500 guests the Program Innovative SME's Investor ready kicked off on a very beautiful location, the Koepel in Haarlem.  With partner Rabobank  we have been chosen for the theme "Circular Economy". 

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RaBobank and PIM

Rabobank will be the partner of PIM for the next three years, Together with this partner we kicked off the program initiated by the Provincie Noord-Holland.

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Proud cooperation

Haarlemvalley is proud to win the European tender initiated by the Provincie Noord-Holland. On the picture the two 'gedeputeerden' of the Province Nort Holland.